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Lincoln Highway ~ A Re-Introduction

January 7, 2018


In the years since my LH books were published, interest in the famous cross-county road has blossomed thanks to the Internet, especially Facebook. But it seems that history of the road, so talked about a decade ago, has once again faded. Heck, the early years of the new Lincoln Highway Association, now itself a quarter-century old, is being forgotten too

Facebook became a better, faster way to share LH info and images, but maybe it’s time to return with some stories that need a bit more explaining. For example, one favorite abandoned stretch of LH hidden in the woods of central PA deserves more than just a photo and caption. This blog is the perfect place for sharing that story.

For now, let’s start with some basic LH history. Here’s the first page of Introduction to my book, Greetings from the Lincoln Highway. It’s gone out of print so hard copies can be hard to find, but we can share it here ~ enjoy.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 11.37.27 AM

Books dazzle on old gas stations and funny signs

November 20, 2008

I’m glad to report on a couple new beautiful books, even if their subjects aren’t along the Lincoln Highway.

It’s hard to believe there are as many beautiful vintage gas stations left in the entire US as there are in Wisconsin alone, but Fill ’er Up proves you can still find dozens. After a solid and fun introduction, 59 stations are examined: Classical, canopy, cottage, deco, moderne, futuristic, they’re all here. Many still pump gas, and most still look like they would have decades ago. The authors take the extra step of uncovering the stories behind each one. Stunning photos plus old snaphots, postcards, and blueprints make for a truly impressive book.


I loved National Lampoon’s True Facts books that featured humorous road signs and billboards but that was 20 years ago. For those who’ve needed their fix, Funny Signs by RoadTrip America (that’s Mark Sedenquist and Megan Edwards) is a wacky collection of unintentionally hilarious wordings. The “Ronald McDonald Funeral Home.” “Lunch Specials, We Have Worms.” “Fire Exit, Employees Only.” There’s a “Dead End” sign on “Opportunity Way.” The difference here is that the authors add a short comment each time. So a sign that says “Don’t touch the actors” begs the question ‘What about the actresses?” Or “Urgent Care Coming Soon” leads to “Take two aspirin and stretch out in the parking lot.” You can’t believe that page after page there are so many goofy signs out there. Buy it — and you might just recognize a Lincoln Highway motel sign.

Wyoming's Lincoln Highway Educational Series

December 31, 2007

The Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources has produced 20 short educational videos on the Lincoln Highway and posted them on veoh. Each one, typically a half-minute long, looks at a theme by using some facts or stories. The videos mostly use pans of still photos, many from the LHA archives. Click here for the series to start—once you do, they play consecutively, or see them all in outline form here. Here’s a screen capture of the Intro video (with a picture of the LHA’s Henry Joy and Austin Bement stuck in Nebraska):


Unless I’ve missed more of the content, there is no accompanying material on veoh or on the state website to tell how best to use these or what materials were referenced, leaving a gap if they’re for education, and leaving helpful resources uncredited. For example, quotes from Thornton Round about the Rock Springs camp and the sounds while camping at night are likely culled from Gregory Franzwa’s Wyoming book. Or in discussing Navigation, they quote from what is said to be an LHA road guide, but the distinctive “Turn left around the shearing pens” material is actually from a 1913 Packard guide to the road, which is quoted in my Greetings from the Lincoln Highway book.

Here are the episodes:
1) A Brief Introduction – :37
2) What Started It – :38
3) Henry B. Joy – :16
4) The Virginian – :15
5) US Army Convoy – 1:34
6) Rock Springs – 1:07
7) Laramie – :13
8) Road Hazards – :40
9) Plains Hotel – :15
10) Mechanics – :34
11) Wyoming – :42 (though the quote is about western Nebraska)
12) Crash – :29
13) Camp – :16
14) Railroad – :45
15) Church Buttes – :24
16) Navigation – :58
17) Evanston – :23
18) Fences – :50
19) Camping – :17
20) Flat Tire – :19