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Lincoln Highway mountain rest stop remembered

November 25, 2008

Sylverta Blaugher writes:

Bought several of your books this summer as my husband and I were traveling Route 30 West [Lincoln Highway] from Chambersburg Pa. I was raised in C’burg but married and moved to Ft Wayne 40 years ago.


I lived with my Great Aunt Pearl and Great Uncle Harry during the summer months in the late 1950s and early ’60s. They owned the Cove Mountain Tea Room that is in your book The Lincoln Highway: Pennsylvania Traveler’s Guide, pages 183-184.

The house is gone and the garage that is still standing was used as an antique store that they operated. My Mother lived with them in the ’40s after they bought the property. She often talked of buses stopping there and serving sandwiches. After Aunt Pearl had a stroke they stopped serving but they still sold Shell gas and had a small store where they sold pop and candy.

My Mother still lives in Chambersburg and going thru my Grandmother’s papers that she has I am always searching for any articles regarding when they bought the property and any menus etc, but I have not yet found any. I do have pictures of us on the top of the roof and many great family picnics.

I still miss the mountains and when I go home I sometimes get off at Breezewood so I can relive old memories of days gone by. Never had the fear of roaming the mountains like I do today.

Keep up the good work so the rest of the travelers can read of places that are no longer there to see.