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Reviews starting for PBS Lincoln Highway show

October 22, 2008

Reviews are starting for Rick Sebak’s A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway, airing next week. I’ll tell you more about what’s in it in the coming days, but here’s a review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s Rob Owen that went out on the Scripps wire. An excerpt: “Fans of Sebak’s love letters to Americana won’t be disappointed as he visits both ends of the highway – at Times Square in New York City and next to a bus stop in San Francisco – and many locations in between…. Unlike past Sebak productions, ‘Lincoln Highway’ offers more of a historical focus with less emphasis on oddball Americans (or maybe Lincoln Highway enthusiasts just aren’t prone to saying wacky things).”

PBS Lincoln Highway video near final cut

September 16, 2008

I revisited Rick Sebak at the WQED-TV studios to see the near-final cut of his Lincoln Highway documentary to air October 29. He has a typical end-of-project dilemma — so much cool stuff to show but not enough time in the 56-minute program. And his deadline to complete the work is this week. I was surely no help, advising that he show more of this or that when he needs advice on what to cut!

Here’s where I was set up to watch. You’ll recognize attendees at the 2008 LHA conference gathering for a group photo in front of the Sunset Motel in Evanston, Wyoming.

In another room, above, video editor Kevin Conrad worked on an interview with LHA past-president Jesse Peterson for the show’s closing moment, a montage of personalities and scenery.

It’s a great show, with lots of info and imagery of the highway, and a theme song written for it by Buddy Nutt that is stuck in my head! ….. “Goin’ all the waaaayyyy, on the Lincoln Highwaaaayyyy!”