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Lincoln Highway's Penndel airplane in video

March 19, 2010

In a follow-up to my post of Oct. 23, 2009, about the former Penndel airplane restaurant — once a well-known roadside attraction along the Lincoln Highway in eastern Pennsylvania — another blogger at dug deeper to report this:

Even cooler, upon some research, I discovered [here, a link to this blog was listed] that the plane was restored, but contrary to the source [since corrected plus check the comments], it’s not in working order. “The aircraft, along with the others in our collection, are accessioned under the National Museum of the United States Air Force which require the aircraft to not be in a working condition,” said one commenter who claimed to work at the Air Mobility Command Museum where the plane is located.

Bethany also listed this video link of the airplane restaurant still in operation in the 1990s:

Penndel airplane diner restored, still not flying

October 23, 2009

Jim Payne wrote with an update on an airplane that once served as a restaurant along the Lincoln Highway in eastern Pennsylvania. “I passed by Dover [Del.] today and stopped at the Air Museum. I especially wanted to see the Lockheed Constellation that once sat atop the diner in Penndel. I passed by there after the plane had been taken down and saw it sitting in an adjacent lot with the wings off. I assumed it was going to be scrapped. I learned recently that it had been saved and restored.”


Here is one of his photos — it’s amazing to see it back as an aircraft. Thanks Jim!