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October 22, 2007

After years of stumbling through the design and upkeep of my web site, here I am learning another skill, blogging. It’s a bit daunting but also pretty exciting! I’m always searching for Lincoln Highway info, or trying to help others find what they’re looking for, so I might as well go online where I can share all the news and info with lots of you. I hope you’ll feel free to send your news here too.

I’m inspired and humbled by the work of others, who I’m sure to be regularly referencing in the future, including Ron Warnick’s comprehensive Route 66 News, Greg Holmes’ adventures with his good friend Ace Jackalope, and new to blogging but posting amazing photos for years of Roadside Architecture is Debra Jane Seltzer, also known to her fans as agilitynut or roadsidenut.

I have lots to learn about administering this site but I hope to soon have links, images, and video along with straightforward news for you to enjoy.