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Another musical nod to the Lincoln Highway

September 29, 2008

Another band has surfaced with the name Lincoln Highway. According to, their web site, Lincoln Highway is a retro band formed in northern Utah County led by guitarist Ken Hendricks and still settling on a lineup. With the LH logo prominently displayed, they obviously have affection for the road, though a few errors pop up in their thumbnail history, such as calling it “the first interstate connecting Washington D.C. to San Francisco … conceived shortly after the first world war.”

They continue, “Most Baby Boomers have never heard of the Lincoln Highway much less driven along its route. However, not everyone has forgotten. Nor has everyone forgotten the great music recorded during the late 50s and 60s. Bands like the The Lincoln Highway keep alive those good memories and bring back the good times.” The first 10 songs they’re working on include “Summertime Blues” and “The Letter.”

At least three other groups use the Lincoln Highway name: a rockabilly group, a bluegrass band, and another bluegrass band (check out their photo at the LH bridge in Tama, Iowa).