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Indiana towns call U.S. 30 "The region's road"

October 14, 2010

Northwest Indiana Times newspaper continues its coverage of U.S. 30 and the Lincoln Highway:

In honor of the “Region’s Road,” The Times takes a look at the many communities — starting from west to east — that use U.S. 30 as a main artery of transportation and a critical part of their residents’ very lives.: The region’s road is an extensive look at the communities.

The newspaper photo, above, shows a plaque at the region’s famous Ideal Sections. Towns profiled include Dyer, Schererville, Merrillville, Hobart, Union Twp., and Valparaiso.

L Hwy Garage in Valpo "most modern" in 1934

May 15, 2008

LHA president Jan Shupert-Arick sent along a note that her friend Terry Goldsworthy found an interesting article on The story called the Lincoln Highway Garage in Valparaiso, Indiana, the most modern station in 1934 by Motor Service, a monthly industry journal. (The news story itself is from an issue of the Vidette Messenger of Valparaiso.) Why? “It was realized that the automotive service of the future would not go to the screw driver and pliers mechanics, but would go to the shops where equipment for repairing the car was used as systrematicallyt as machinery is used where cars are built.” The article then lists all the modern marvels of the garage. Click the image below to see a larger scan of the article: