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100th birthday party honors Bernie Queneau

July 16, 2012

Bernie Queneau, known to Lincoln Highway fans for his 1928 cross-country Boy Scout trip, celebrated his birthday Saturday July 14 with friends and family. An elegant dinner in Pittsburgh, Pa., included toasts and jokes ranging from his children to his young doctor. PBS’s Rick Sebak handed out DVDs of his Lincoln Highway program that includes the story of Bernie meeting LHA past-president Esther Oyster, and how that led to their marriage. A Powerpoint show by his daughter showed many fun times including the coast-to-coast trip.

Lincoln Hwy Boy Scout Bernie Queneau turns 100

July 14, 2012

Bernie Queneau, the Lincoln Highway’s best-known ambassador, celebrates his 100th birthday today. In 1928, he was one of four Eagle Scouts to cross the Lincoln Highway (at 16) as part of a Scouts’ Safety Tour, which also promoted the highway and its marking that September with thousands of iconic concrete posts.

I was fortunate that in 1997, LHA president Esther Oyster arranged with me to interview 85-yr-old Bernie at my workplace, the Heinz History Center. Years later they returned—together—and took me to lunch to announce their engagement! They were married in 2003 and continue to explore the world together, showing up a few weeks ago at the LHA conference in Ohio. That’s Bernie and Esther Queneau a few years ago at a LHHC event.

Check out Bernie recalling the 1928 trip in this brief outtake from Rick Sebak’s 2008 program about the Lincoln Highway. Click the image, then Bernie’s block near Pittsburgh, PA:

Today would also have been the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie, known for his folk songs more closely associated with Route 66. The Lincoln Highway Association is also celebrating its centennial this year, culminating in a celebration July 1, 2013.

Proclamations honor LH's favorite Boy Scout

February 22, 2008

One of the highlights of the Summertime Fun event I arranged last year at the Senator John Heinz History Center was to award Bernie Queneau with a proclamation from the mayor of Pittsburgh. It mentions not only Bernie’s participation in the cross-country safety demonstration tour along the Lincoln Highway in 1928, but also his earning a doctorate, service with the Navy in WWII, and his expertise in metallurgy. He also received a proclamation from the LHA, presented by Rev. John Harman. The occasion for all this was his 95th birthday on July 14 – Bastille Day, Bernie likes to remind us! Also attending was his wife, LHA past president Esther M. Queneau.

Bernie Queneau 7/07
Above: Bernie in front of a photo of himself holding a CA flag at the end of the LH, 1928.

Recently, mayor Luke Ravenstahl hosted a ceremony for some of the proclamation recipients, including Bernie. Here’s part of the mayor’s intro to the recent event:

For many years, Pittsburgh Mayors have been recognizing outstanding citizens and organizations by issuing them proclamations.

It is my goal to highlights some of our most unique Pittsburgh citizens and organizations, by presenting their proclamation in person.

It gives me great pleasure to be familiar with all of the important activities Pittsburghers are involved with.

I say it all of the time, but I truly believe that Pittsburgh is America’s most livable City because of its people.

We are people of superb nature, who will always reach out a hand to help others—we are Pittsburgh proud.

Today, I have looked through a number of recently issued proclamations, and it is my pleasure to meet those outstanding individuals, and personally present them with their proclamation.


You can see a video of Proclamation Thursday on the City of Pittsburgh’s Cable Station, channel 13, at 3:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. through February and March.