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Wounded veterans biking the Lincoln Highway

June 11, 2012

From May 28-July 28, a group of wounded warriors from America’s military is riding bicycles, hand cycles, and recumbent cycles from the Pacific to the Atlantic following much of the Lincoln Highway. For more than 20 years, the non-profit World T.E.A.M. Sports has organized athletic events for disabled and able bodied citizens, from mountain climbing to white water rafting. This year, 18 athletes are biking 3,698 miles from San Francisco to Virginia Beach.

Participating veterans of the Sea to Shining Sea ride live with disabilities ranging from loss of limbs to blindness to Post Traumatic Stress. These veterans served America in wars from Afghanistan and Iraq to Vietnam. Learn more at


Videos show Iowa bicycle ride fun and highlights

September 17, 2008

YouTube features many videos about RAGBRAI, the annual bicycle tour across Iowa, which this year followed much of the Lincoln Highway. In this first one, even President Lincoln gets into it at 3:09. (Can any non-Iowa readers identify the location of the statue?

In this one the riders dip their wheels in the rivers, just like LH travelers did at the oceans!

Bike ride across Iowa following Lincoln Highway

July 24, 2008

Scott Berka, city clerk of Colo, Iowa, sent some great photos of the RAGBRAI® — The Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. Yesterday (day 4 of the week-long event), the bicyclists traveled the Lincoln Highway from Ames to State Center. He snapped the photos at the Reed/Niland Corner in Colo about 9:30 a.m.. They show the restored gas station, cafe, and area near the just-reopened motel. CLICK each one to see it larger.

RAGBRAI was started in 1973 as a 6-day ride (not a race) across Iowa by two Register columnists; it’s still planned and coordinated by the newspaper and is now hosted by the Register’s front-page cartoonist, Brian Duffy. The Des Moines Register naturally has numerous daily updates, including news that tacks strewn near Nevada, Iowa, caused at least 100 flat tires. Learn more by visiting the RAGBRAI® site or read a brief story at at WHO-TV.