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North Platte video features Buffalo Bill's ranch

October 17, 2008

This video about things to see in North Platte, Nebraska, includes the world’s largest railroad classification yard, its famous WWII Canteen, construction of the 9-story-tall Golden Spike tower, and Buffalo Bill’s Scout’s Rest Ranch, long a Lincoln Highway attraction.

PBS crew making its way across Nebraska

June 13, 2008

Folks have been asking how the Rick, Bob, and Glenn — filming a Lincoln Highway program for PBS — are faring after their tornado troubles. Rick called to say they’re having a bit of trouble posting to their blog, understandable in the midst of so much weather-related damage. They’re back on the road this morning, heading to Wyoming, but first were about to check out Fort Cody Trading Post, one of the Lincoln Highway’s coolest roadside attractions. Make sure you visit next time you’re in North Platte, Nebraska.

Here’s a brief videoblog they were able to post from Omaha yesterday:

UPDATE 1 PM EDT: They’re back online and updating their blog. A couple days later, here were Bob and Glenn at Green River, Wyoming:

Snow closes parts of Lincoln Hwy in Nebraska

April 11, 2008

Leigh Henline at Fort Cody Trading Post was telling me last night about the blizzard in North Platte, Nebraska, and that parts of US 30 had to be closed. According to the North Platte Bulletin, “Traveling was also not recommended on Interstate 80 or Highway 30 west of North Platte. Travelers have reported clear roads but limited visibility. As the temperatures drop, ice has formed in some areas making traveling dangerous.” Schools also were closed Thursday and Friday due to almost 6 inches of snow.

Learn lots more about it from a stormchaser, High Plains Drifter, whose blog has maps, charts, and photos. (For future reference, the 11 posts so far about this storm can be accessed at with the last number being changed up through 479.)

Apparently, warm temps kept it from getting worse, but a NWS blizzard warning is still in effect through Friday 7 pm. According to another Bulletin story, the storm is heading to Iowa with wind gusts up to 40 mph.