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Walk, Don't Run — on the Lincoln Highway

February 9, 2009

Suddenly everyone is on foot along the Lincoln Highway. Following up on my last post about running the LH (with a quick reference to the 1960 song by the Ventures), Dennis Crowley has announced his plans to again walk part of the route this fall. (I reported on his first leg last October 6 and 8.) Walking America the Lincoln Way will take him from Sacramento, California, on September 14 to Eureka, Nevada, by October 29.


He’ll depart from the Shell Service Station, 4900 W. Capitol Ave  in West Sacramento, and make 6 miles that day, reaching the intersection of Capitol and 26th St. He’ll soon be making it twice as far daily. Dennis says:

The preparations to get things ready to deal with the desolation of Nevada have been more than I realized so I backed things off.  AAA didn’t name U.S. 50 “The Lonliest Road in America” for no reason.  Walking this stretch and on to Salt Lake City next year will make my walk across the Mojave on old Route 66 in California seem like a picnic.  Thanks to technology, however, I should be able to make this walk safe and comfortable.  I am doing a lot of research into satellite personal locator beacons, satellite phones, gps, and other such things such as portable lightweight solar panels to keep batteries charged and allow me to run my portable DVD player.  Afterall, I need something to do on my days off right?


Phil running Lincoln Highway towards east coast

November 13, 2008

Piil Rosenstein is nearing the end of his cross-country run, mush of which followed Route 66 and since Illihios has often been on the Lincoln HIghway. He wrote the note below from York, Pa. He’ll follow US 30 to the coast, meaning at Philadelphia he’ll leave the Lincoln, which bends NE to New York City. His running supports the charity of The Mario Lemieux Foundation which works in cancer research and supporting families affected by cancer. Here are excerpts from his diary starting in Pittsburgh:

Nov 6 = I gave a few more interviews and met a few former Penguins who are now announcing games. And I met the current best player in the world – Sidney Crosby…. 10 minutes into the first period they had a very nice ceremony with a video tribute to me on the jumbotron where I was presented with a couple of gifts. I received a proclamation from the mayor of Pittsburgh that November 6th, 2008, was Official Phil Rosenstein Day for the city…. After that, we went up to the owner’s box where I got to meet the owner himself – Mario Lemieux. What more can I say??


Nov 7 = I stopped in Greensburg for a free milkshake around noon because they recognized me from the TV…. I never would have made it to Greensburg without Dan’s help by taking the stroller [cart] from me. The shoulder came and went often and all the traffic would have been within inches of hitting me had I been out there with that stroller…. I made it to the edge of Laughlintown before stopping for the night.

Nov 8 = The temperature today was 49 degrees to start and then never got any higher. Part of that is due to the amount of time I spent climbing a few mountains today. Though they were only 2900 feet high, it still isn’t easy pushing that stroller up them…. I took a picture of one of the more beautiful Lincoln Highway (Route 30) murals. I ran about 40 miles again today and ended up getting into Schellsburg just as it got dark.


Nov 9 = I left Schellsburg feeling a bit sore from all the recent miles and the hills, but I still made good time getting into Bedford where I met up with Alisa and here friends Sue and Peter. I spent all day running without the stroller, but with two people while the third waited five miles ahead for us. It was weird to run with other people, but I really enjoyed the company and made good time running a steady pace all day. We finished the day about 13 miles east of Breezewood. By running without the stroller and the hydration vest, I was able to finish the day with more than 40 miles once again – third day in a row.

Nov 10 = I ran 40 miles once again today. That’s 4 days in a row now. My legs can feel it now. I was pretty sore all day long and really struggled in the afternoon. In the morning, I went over a few more mountains where it was snowing on top. It’s much easier without the stroller (left behind at Alisa’s place) going up a mountain. Going down is where it hurt the most. After that it was flat, but the winds made it seem colder than the 35 degrees the thermometers kept saying. I finished the day in Caledonia tired, sore, and freezing cold.

Nov 11 = Alisa dropped me off where she picked me up last night, but this time I had the stroller. I moved slowly since I was sore and tired from all the recent miles. I made it through Gettysburg (on this Veteran’s Day) and then another 10 miles before meeting my friends Dave and Gary who drove up from Virginia. We … made it to the edge of York before going out to dinner.

Phil, running Lincoln Highway, into Pennsylvania

November 5, 2008

runphilAs reported on October 10, Phil Rosenstein is running across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for the charity of The Mario Lemieux Foundation, which does great work in cancer research and supporting families affected by cancer. From California west, Phil followed Route 66 but since Illinois he’s been on the Lincoln Highway. After 2,950 miles, he’s just reached Pittsburgh, with about 350 more to go. Below are his notes from the past few days, as he crossed Ohio and West Virginia:

I arrived in Pittsburgh this afternoon. Actually, just outside it in Bridgeville at the Mario Lemieux Foundation offices. With plenty of time to spare for Thursday’s Pittsburgh Penguins game. The next two days look to be busy for “rest days”. Interviews, tour of the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, hockey game, etc… And, of course, the usual stuff: laundry, shower, charge phone, eating.

Oct 30 = I got stopped by the police today less than 10 minutes into my running. That’s a new record. My first words to the officer were “Well, THAT didn’t take long today!” The Ohio fields were actually kind of pretty as I finally got to see them in the sunlight. The temperature got up to 55 degrees but it never felt that warm because of the strong, cold wind blowing into my face. I think the wind and the recent heavy mileage lead to me feeling slow and tired for the afternoon’s journey from Bucyrus to Galion. The short 12 miles actually took forever to run. I laid down on the side of the highway for a bit to rest and eat peanut butter. Then, I put on the MP3 player. I’ve very rarely put it on during the day, but I think it helped pick up my mood and then my pace as I made decent time into Mansfield. A total of 43 miles today to get to the Rest Area. But I slept outside this time, since the caretaker was there later than I wanted to wait to claim the unisex bathroom as mine for the night. At least it was a beautiful night outside.

Oct 31 = There were lots of hills today. Nothing too steep, just long and steady. I was once again feeling tired and struggled for a while. The MP3 player picked me up once again. After a cool morning, it warmed up nicely. By noon, I was running in just a t-shirt and shorts for the first time since central Illinois. I ran 28 miles into Wooster where I ate dinner and then a few more miles to East Union where I slept behind a church for the night.

Nov 1 = I only ran a quick 30 miles today into Canton, Ohio. I met Nancy from the Mario Lemieux Foundation there and she took me to her parent’s house in Wadsworth for the night. Before that, we loaded the stroller into her SUV and I had the chance to run 3 miles without it. It felt so nice. I can’t wait to run in a race again without having to push this thing around anymore. It was nice to wash my clothes with actual detergent and a washing machine for the first time since Chicago. The clothes smell much nicer than just rinsing them out in a sink and letting them air dry.

Nov 2 = Downtown Canton and the neighboring community were quite depressed. It was a good thing it was so cold out and early on a Sunday morning – I think the junkies were too cold or too tired to bother with me. 5 miles later and then the weather and the locations were wonderful. I am real glad I decided to take 172 East here. The hills were tough, but the beauty of the region was something else. Plus, almost no traffic to deal with. It was just a pleasure to run today and it made me realize once again just how lucky I am to be able to spend my day running through the countryside. I stopped for a bit and finished off the pancakes leftover from breakfast and the pasta we cooked the night before. I took this picture of a horse I was talking with for a bit near Guilford Lake. He didn’t say much but we enjoyed each others’ company. 35 miles today to get to Lisbon. I ate a huge dinner at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet before sleeping at the county fairgrounds. I slept up on the main stage.

Nov 3 = Today I found a bunch of money on the side of the road. Even for a state beginning with a vowel. I had been having a hard time distinguishing the real coins from all the fake ones I had been seeing in Ohio. The fake ones are the same size, shape and color of real coins but are completely smooth. I have no idea what they are used for or where they come from, but they have been all over the place in Ohio. Beautiful weather once again today. I took a picture of a couple of signs on the bridge from Ohio into West Virginia. The signs confused me and I hope you as well. I think they only make sense to bureaucrats. Anyway, I then did the best crossing-the-state-line dance I can do while on a bridge with virtually no shoulder. A few miles later I stopped at a ’50s diner for a hot fudge sundae. They had seen me earlier and asked what I was doing. They liked it so much the sundae was free. Nice! Up and down one more hill and I had the chance to do the proper crossing-the-state-line dance as I crossed into Pennsylvania! I slept in a nice couple’s yard for the night looking up at the stars.

Nov 4 = Just a quick 20 miles today and I took it real easy. Most of the morning I had no shoulder, so I was on the grass, but aside from that it wasn’t too tough and I certainly wasn’t going fast despite being a downhill day. Here’s an oddity – I found enough money on the side of the road today to get a free milkshake. In a state that starts with a consonant! Now, to get ready for a couple days of activities and fun before finishing this crazy adventure off.

Cross-country runner hitting Lincoln in November

October 10, 2008

Denny Gibson wrote to say that Phil Rosenstein is running across the US on a path that will cover part of the Lincoln Highway. “He’s currently running eastbound on Route 66. His schedule is here but he’s well ahead of it and has just entered Missouri. Although he doesn’t mention it (and may not realize it) it looks like he’ll be following the LH from Indiana through Pennsylvania.”

Indeed, Phil told me, “Route 30 is the one part of my run that I’ve no pre-knowledge about. I don’t think I’ve ever been on it.” Of concern is whether the road has shoulders and reasonable speed limits.

On his website, Phil writes that he is “running the entire Route 66 from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL and then continuing on to Atlantic City, NJ to complete the transcontinental run. I will be alone and I am prepared to do it on my own every step of the way. But, this run will go much easier with a little help from a few people along the way.” Help could come in the form of lodging, publicity, and his ultimate goal, raising attention and money for The Mario Lemieux Foundation (

Here’s a photo Phil at the statue of Andy Payne in Foyil, Oklahoma.

Payne won the 1928 “Bunion Derby” transcontinental footrace along the newly created Route 66. He was born and raised in Foyil, which is on 66.

Here are Phil’s Lincoln Highway check points:

November 8, 2008
Plymouth IN
Columbia City IN

November 8, 2008
Fort Wayne IN

November 9, 2008
Van Wert OH
Upper Sandusky OH
Bucyrus OH

November 12, 2008
Mansfield OH
Massillon OH
Minerva OH

November 15, 2008
East Liverpool OH

November 16, 2008
Pittsburgh PA
Latrobe PA
Reels Corners PA
Breezewood PA
Gettysburg PA

November 22, 2008
York PA
Lancaster PA
Coatesville PA