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Lincoln Highway trip reaches Times Square

November 4, 2009

I reported on September 2 about David McLane crossing the U.S. to document life in small towns along four major highways in the U.S. As he says on, “It is NOT a survey but an attempt to come a fuller understanding of the land and the people which comprise significant parts of America but are typically un-represented by main-stream media. This is the third section and reports on traveling from San Francisco to New York City on the Lincoln Highway.”

NY_NYC_McLaneABOVE: Sueko and Dave, 49th Street & Seventh Avenue, New York City.

The final installment finds Dave and Sueko trying to make their way through New Jersey to New York City. Their transmission has other thoughts, but a friendly repair shop owners gets them on their way after a few days’ delay. Read all about it and see Dave’s beautiful photos HERE.

Reporters follow Lincoln Highway eastward

September 2, 2009

From Oh My News comes a series of reports by David McLane documenting life in small towns along four major highways in the US. First was US 95 from Mexico to Canada, then south on US 395 from Canada near Laurier, Washington, then merging with I-15 near Hesperia, California (at one time it went all the way to Mexican border near San Diego and was called the “Three Flags Highway”). The third section of the journey is the Lincoln Highway, then wrapping up with US 60 starting at Virginia Beach.


To get to San Francisco, they went north through the central valley of California and Weedpatch, made famous by John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath.” This report ends when they reach “the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, the west end of the Lincoln Highway”:

Now they’re on their way driving eastward: Click at the end of each article to see the two reports since this one. You’ll find some interesting observations about life along the road, and some cool photos too.