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Welcome signs note Lincoln Highway at Van Wert

October 12, 2009

Ohio’s Mike Buettner sent word of two signs along the Lincoln Highway that welcome drivers to Van Wert, Ohio. The sign shown below (photo by John Renock) is on the Marsh Foundation property at the east edge of Van Wert

OH_VanWert welcome

Buettner, Ohio LHA Director, says a similar sign was erected on the Brookside Dairy property at the west edge of Van Wert:

This project was the brainchild of LHA member Larry Webb, who has accomplished more interesting Lincoln Highway tasks in his home town than any other Ohioan. Money to build the gateway signs was raised by a local group, which has asked to remain anonymous. Larry presented the idea to the “Main Street, Incorporated” group in Van Wert when he was on that committee, and they enthusiastically backed his idea, paying any bills that were not otherwise covered by donations.

The brick pillars are built to the same standards as the original pillars erected in Crawford County and other western counties of Ohio during the 1920s, and were laid up by a local bricklayer. The cement capstones were constructed from a mold fashioned by Richard Taylor of the Mid-Ohio Chapter. The “Welcome” sign was designed by a local architect. The signs were in place just in time for the annual Lincoln Highway “BuyWay” event, which according to Mike Hocker, enjoyed its best year ever.