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MSN online follows the Lincoln Highway

July 2, 2009

LHA director Kay Shelton alerted us that, for the couple million people with Hotmail accounts, logging out takes them right to the Web site and a few weeks ago the site had a link:  “Forget 66:  A Better Cross-Country Route” with a short article on the Lincoln Highway. It’s still available HERE.

Lincoln Highway_msn

The story by award-winning author Earl Swift advises “Forget Route 66. This here is our Main Street.” And “With a couple of weeks free, you can still take this curvy, low-speed cruise from end to end and, in the process, gain an understanding of just how big and varied and spectacular this country is.”

msnbc explores ups and downs in Elkhart

April 9, 2009

Attendees to this summer’s Lincoln Highway Association conference in South Bend, Indiana, won’t be very far from Elkhart, just to the east along the Lincoln Highway. Online news site msnbc has launched The Elkhart Project, a long-term interactive blog to provide perspective on the national recession. The site has a variety of features on the town that learned that “heavy dependence on a single industry – in this case RVs – is a double-edged sword: It provides a comfortable ride in the boom years but a rough journey when the good times stop rolling.”