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Lincoln Highway Consul porcelain sign auctioned

March 17, 2009

California LHA newsletter editor Gary Kinst writes with an intriguing story and photo. “Wondering how many Lincoln Highway collectors have come across one of these signs? I would guess that there weren’t more than 13 at anyone time. I discovered this sign at a Gas Bash (petroleum collectors swap meet) in Escalon, California. After returning home I searched the internet for Lincoln Highway State Consul signs and came upon the exact same sign that had been sold at auction in Las Vegas last month.”


The original Lincoln Highway Association used a system of consuls to monitor the road for improvements, problems, etc., at state, county, and local levels. Tell us if you know more about these signs and if you’ve ever seen one.

Dennis schedules fall Lincoln Highway walk

March 16, 2009


Dennis Crowley, who is walking the coast-to-coast Lincoln Highway in portions, has refined his schedule for this fall. Click HERE for the itinerary from Sacramento, California, to Ely, Nevada. He’s also used the LHA DeLorme-based mapping system chart his trip, broken into 3 parts:

The numbers coordinate with the walking days.300_cross_roads_website

Identifying Lincoln Highway group from 1992

March 13, 2009

Long-time LHA members will recognize the photo below as the first organizational meeting of the Lincoln Highway Association — taken 9 am, Saturday, October 31, 1992, in front of the City State Bank in Ogden, Iowa. The 44 attendees came from 7 states. Hard to believe but already the history of the new LHA is fading. The names were preserved when they signed in but only a third can be matched to the picture. Van and Bev Becker of the Iowa LHA are trying to identify them all — can you help? Click the image to see it larger.


Here are those that they and I think we have correctly identified. Click the key below to see it larger too.

3 Harry Monnier
6 Helen Ausberger (?)
11 John Fitzsimmons
15 Clare Frantz
17 Ruth Franz
18 Margaret Ebert
20 Carol Ahlgren
21 Mary Ann Beecher
24 Larry Adams
25 Jim Powell
27 Bob Owens
28 Bob Ausberger
32 Marvin Wolfe
37 Ty Cosotti (?)
38 W.E. “Earl” Givens
39 Joyce Ausberger
40 Gregory Franzwa


Those not identified:
Ken Huffaker
Keith D. Cooper
Kerry Clough-Petersen
Tony Hampton
Harry Gardner Jr.
Frances Phipps
Helen L. Smith
Andy Back
Gary Alban
Roger W. Dahl
Sue Scott
Joan J. Lingren
Opal Telleen
Carl L. Telleen
Robert A. Teller
Mark Boehm
Bob Adwers
Lucille Adwers
Molly Marsh
Doris McGregor
Bill McGregor
Marge Robson
Clare Robson
Ellen Johnson Paton
Jay Kustes

Lincoln-related events set for Pennsylvania

March 12, 2009

lincolnportrait1The Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission has announced events for March and beyond. The group aims to organize and coordinate bicentennial tributes to  Lincoln in Pennsylvania and coordinate those activities with the federal Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Forthcoming events include the 2009 Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, June 21-27, focusing on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the life of Mary Todd Lincoln. Gettysburg is along the Lincoln Highway in central Pennsylvania and was an important point along the route to the LHA’s founders. Also this month, well-known Lincoln impresonator James Getty will rake his one-man performance to Lancaster-area libraries. Click HERE to download a PDF summary of events or HERE to see the full schedule online.

Lincoln Highway brochures (and a Rt 66)

March 11, 2009

il_rt66-brochureI met with LHA member Jim Peters today as he makes his way across the country. He’s exploring brochure ideas for the Lincoln Highway Association. Much of his trip, though, will be along Route 66 to browse some of the brochures that have made that road such a success, and such a pleasure to tour. I made sure to show him one of my favorites — the Illinois Historic Route 66 brochure (seen at right), which features a map spread over 11 panels. (Download it HERE.)


In anticipation of the forthcoming LHA conference, pick up one of the new Indiana Lincoln Highway brochures, seen above. They feature a map of the route and info on other Lincoln-related sites in the state. If you’re too far away, you can request one from their website, or view the actual brochure online HERE.

Lincoln Highway, Rt 66 make Midwest Living mag

March 10, 2009

mwlmag_marap09The March/April 2009 issue of Midwest Living has a 5-page article about the Lincoln Highway and Route 66 (though 66 gets the mention on the cover as you can see at right). The title is “Touring Route 66 and Lincoln Highway: Follow the route of the first super roads across the U.S.” The focus is on the midwest, so for the Lincoln that means Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. Click HERE to read the magazine’s online excerpt, though you’ll need to pick up a hard copy to see the photos.

Military convoy 90th anniversary trip this summer

March 9, 2009

The re-creation of the 1919 trip across the country of the U.S. Army Transcontinental Motor Convoy is making the news as the event approaches. Papers such as the Clinton, Iowa, Herald are reporting lately on the convoy’s passing through their areas. The original convoy is perhaps best remembered today for including young Dwight Eisenhower.


Sponsored by the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, up to 150 military vehicles will retrace the convoy’s itinerary, which followed the Lincoln Highway for most of its route west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This 26-day convoy will depart from Washington D.C. on June 13 and arrive in San Francisco on July 8, crossing all or part of 11 states.


For more information visit and click the 2009 Convoy button on the left. Click HERE for the complete schedule of stops.

Also, the new Indiana LHA brochure includes not only a map of the Lincoln Highway but a description and map of the convoy trip. Visit to request one.

1880s hotel destroyed by fire in Irwin, PA

March 6, 2009

A 3-story hotel, built in the 1880s along Main Street in Irwin, Pennsylvania, was destroyed by fire yesterday. Only minor injuries are reported, but 16 men living there lost everything. The hotel had 35 rooms, a bar, and dining room but all that remains is a brick shell, the roof and third floor having collapsed. The town’s main street, in an uncommon arrangement, runs perpendicular to the Lincoln Highway, which passes a couple blocks south of the hotel.


The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports the fire was started by a grease fire from a resident cooking breakfast; throwing water on it spread the flames. (Trib photo above; the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also reported on it.) A police officer was able to go door-to-door to evacuate, and firefighters arrived minutes later, but the fire chief said it was hopeless despite more than 20 fire companies responding. The historic Lamp Theater next door appears to be safe. This follows 5 weeks after a fire destroyed a historic inn in Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania.

Artists, authors, photogs for 09 LHA conference

March 5, 2009

Roadside artists, authors, and photographers are wanted for the 2009 Lincoln Highway Association Conference in South Bend, Indiana, June 15-20, 2009. A reception will offer an easily accessible place for the  public and LHA members to meet those who create the works. Imagery and books are especially encouraged that relate to the Lincoln and Dixie highways.


The conference will feature an author and artist public reception on Thursday, June 18, at the South Bend Century Center, where products will be for sale. Authors can reserve a table to display and sell books but there’s limited space to display artwork and photos in the vendor room and reception area at the host hotel Holiday Inn.

Click HERE for the entry form and look for updates at at The above image is by Mary Ann Michna.

Pony Express tour follows parts of Lincoln Hwy

March 4, 2009

Last summer, some bicycle enthusiasts decided to retrace the route of the Pony Express from Sacramento, California, to St. Josephs, Missouri. Their particular sport is randonneuring — long-distance, unsupported, non-competitive endurance cycling. Some of their travels naturally followed the Lincoln Highway. Their story was just published in American Randonneur or you can read a shortened version of their adventures HERE.


LH locales include Folsom, Pollack Pines, Carson Ciy, Lahontan Reservoir, US 50 across Nevada (including Middlegate, Ausstin, Eureka, and Ely), SLC, Coalville, Evanston, Ogallala, North Platte, and Kearney. You can tell from gaps in the list that they often are NOT on the LH. Above is one of their bikes at Rosevear’s Ranch, a former Overland Stage station in Nevada.

One adventure they write about took place between Austin and Eureka:

We climbed up the switch backs that led us out of town and then climbed three more mountain passes before coming to Devil’s Gate at dusk. Danny was out ahead of me when he started yelling. I soon saw what looked like a long piece of wood on the road. As I got close, it all of a sudden balled up and I let out a scream and swerved to the other side of the road. I had no idea what kind of snake it was, but it was big! This experience taught us that snakes started crawling out at night to enjoy the heat of the pavement. It was a great incentive for us to get off the road before sundown.