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Texaco's Lincoln Hwy ad, Saturday Evening Post

April 20, 2008

Texaco ran a publicity campaign in 1929 promoting famous trails across the U.S., most notably the Lincoln Highway. They ran ads in their own corporate magazine, published little strip maps (though a bit inaccurate – see them on my web site), and took 2-page spreads like this one in the Saturday Evening Post. Click the image below to see it larger.

Lincoln Hwy radio coming to Iowa, June 14-15

April 18, 2008

Youngville Cafe along the Lincoln Highway in Iowa is teaming with the Benton County Amateur Radio Club, KØKBX, ( to put an amateur radio station on the air for 2 days to celebrate “95 Years on the Lincoln Highway. The dates, June 14-15, will coincide with the 16th annual Lincoln Highway Association National Conference in Evanston, Wyoming.

Above: Youngville Station, a beautiful restoration effort on the Lincoln Highway west of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Photo courtesy of G. Januska.

Amateur operators will be at Youngville that weekend, and special certificates will be available for amateurs throughout the country who contact the Special Event station. Times, short wave frequencies, and more information are available from the American Radio Relay League website (then click on “operating events”) or from Dave Lucas, 4264 Hwy 13, Central City, IA 52214, (319) 438-1763. This event is sanctioned and supported by the ARRL and the Iowa LHA.

Thanks to Van & Bev Becker (and Russell Rein) for the info.

New Lincoln Highway Forum a color bonanza

April 17, 2008

In the just-puublished Spring 2008 Lincoln Highway Forum, long-time editor Gregory Franzwa pays me the compliment that the blog you’re reading might make the magazine’s news column obsolete. Thanks for the kind words GF but there’s lots more news to read in the print version, let alone throughout the rest of the 46 packed pages. Below is the cover – can you name the building and photo location? Answer at the end of this post.

The new issue is filled with rich color images. LHA Past President Randy Wagner shares his photos of Wyoming in preparation for the 2008 national conference in June. You also find color images highlighting the Victory Highway, California happenings, vintage postcards, and even the Lincoln Highway Trading Post (sales benefit the LHA). Click here to learn more about joining the Lincoln Highway Association and getting the quarterly magazine.

Answer to the cover question – that’s the Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow, Wyoming. It’s named for the novel by Owen Wister, The Virginian, which he wrote in town (before the hotel was built). You can still grab a meal or drink, or stay the night.

Hotels, fast food, homes for rural intersection

April 16, 2008

The Mid-Week newspaper of DeKalb County, Illinois, reports that a major retail and housing area will be built along the Lincoln Highway at a busy but still rural intersection on the east end of DeKalb. The mixed-use development at the SE corner of IL 38 and Peace Road (an exit off I-88) will feature two hotels, a full-scale restaurant, four fast foods, four retail buildings, a gas station, and 585 houses (each on 1/16 acre). Only one of the four corners currently is occupied – a greenhouse on the NW. Click the image below to see a panorama of the SE corner from Google Street Views.

This combined view is looking east along the Lincoln Highway/IL 38. The development will replace the trees at right; the I-88 interchange is down Peace Road at far right.

Photos from the Route 30 movie shoot

April 15, 2008

John Putch sent along the web site for his next film, Route 30, which features this cool poster. A couple of the taglines are “Three Stories, One Highway” and “The Road of Dreams is a Two Lane Highway.” As John says, filming and the plot itself are centered around the Lincoln Highway, “the corridor of my childhood.” All images reproduced with permission.

Here are some shots from the production – click them to see larger images:

Above: Dana Delany plays Amish Martha, a depressed old maid who smokes, drinks, swears and longs to shave her legs again. She reportedly enjoyed Mister Ed’s Elephant museum. Who doesn’t??

Above: David DeLuise at Mister Ed’s.

Above: Mister Ed at his store with Curtis Armstrong as Ned.

Above: Production crew member Kate Murphy in Caledonia State Park.

Be sure to check out the movie podcasts by clicking the screen shot below. They’re informative, visually rich, and remind us that films don’t have to be elaborate productions. They’re pretty funny too!
Route 30 movie podcasts

Route 30 film imagines Bigfoot at Caledonia

April 14, 2008

A new independent film, Route 30, is being shot in central Pennsylvania. The title, and locations like Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum, might lead you to think it’s a road trip movie along the Lincoln Highway, but this 2-minute clip from Fox 43 News visits writer, director, and producer John Putch filming scenes in the forests of Caledonia State Park between Chambersburg and Gettysburg. He says it was “actually written for the area geographically, and written about the people that meant something to me.” Putch goes on to mention some of the characters, including an eccentric Amish woman and Bigfoot. See my next post for photos from the movie.

Star Motel, Minerva Ohio, 1992

April 13, 2008

As we prepare to move, I spend lots of time sorting and packing. I’ve been looking through my photos lately and am amazed at how much things have changed along the Lincoln Highway in the 20 years since I began photographing it. Here are a couple views from February 1992 of the Star Motel in Minerva, Ohio (22071 US Route 30/E Lincoln Way). The row of rooms remains but was converted years ago into apartments. I believe the sign survives too but repainted and maybe stripped of its neon.

Postcard: "Modern Cabins and Chicken Dinners"

April 12, 2008

The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor headquartered in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, is cataloging its holdings, and recently came upon this postcard that they could not identify as to location or even if it was in PA.

I mention it in my Lincoln Highway: PA Traveler’s Guide but show a different view (a postcard from Russell Rein, in the book’s first edition, page 297). The cabin camp was 30 miles west of Pittsburgh near Clinton, on the rerouted Lincoln Highway that runs through Chester, West Virginia. A building similar to the one at left survives on the north side, and a cabin is in an adjacent residential back yard.

Snow closes parts of Lincoln Hwy in Nebraska

April 11, 2008

Leigh Henline at Fort Cody Trading Post was telling me last night about the blizzard in North Platte, Nebraska, and that parts of US 30 had to be closed. According to the North Platte Bulletin, “Traveling was also not recommended on Interstate 80 or Highway 30 west of North Platte. Travelers have reported clear roads but limited visibility. As the temperatures drop, ice has formed in some areas making traveling dangerous.” Schools also were closed Thursday and Friday due to almost 6 inches of snow.

Learn lots more about it from a stormchaser, High Plains Drifter, whose blog has maps, charts, and photos. (For future reference, the 11 posts so far about this storm can be accessed at with the last number being changed up through 479.)

Apparently, warm temps kept it from getting worse, but a NWS blizzard warning is still in effect through Friday 7 pm. According to another Bulletin story, the storm is heading to Iowa with wind gusts up to 40 mph.

IL Lincoln Highway Visitor Guide available

April 10, 2008

Hot off the presses is the Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition 2008 Visitor Guide, a 9” x 4” booklet with 84 pages and a fold out map on the back cover. The free guides will be available at many Tourist Information Centers in Illinois plus select Convention & Visitor Bureaus, or request one at no charge by calling toll-free (866) 455-4249. Click on the images below to see them larger.

For more info, contact:
Illinois Lincoln Highway Coalition
200 S. State St., Belvidere, IL 61008